Portum Chartering
Solid in liquids

Experts in worldwide shipping of liquid bulk cargoes

Whether you intend to ship liquid chemicals, clean or dirty petroleum products, base oils, vegetable oils, biodiesel, or petrochemical gasses, Portum Chartering will find you the right vessel for your cargo.


As experienced shipbrokers, we have profound market knowledge and expertise in shipping liquid bulk cargoes around the globe, including inland barging and ship-to-ship transfers. Through our vast network of contacts with shipowners and commercial managers around the world, we will find you the perfect vessel for your cargo. Whether you are looking for space for spot voyages, long-term contracts or time-chartered employment, Portum Chartering is dedicated to negotiate the most competitive market conditions. Our fix-and-not-forget approach includes meticulous follow-up of the entire voyage from loading to discharging but also full post-fixture follow-up, solutions for your entire supply chain and legal advice.

The Portum Team

Our team will personally guide you throughout the entire process.

Our experience, expertise and loyalty will guarantee you the best solution and most added value for your shipping processes.  

Our house will be the Safe Harbour for your business as our company name refers to.

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