Our modus operandi


In search of vessel

We will find you the most suitable vessel, meeting your cargo requirements, through our solid network of shipowners and commercial managers around the globe, both in the seagoing and inland shipping sectors.

Whereas Europe is our speciality, we obviously also serve the US, the Far East and other ports of destination and origin. We can offer tailor-made packages and all necessary legal and general shipping advice.


Vessel found

As soon as we have found you the right vessel, we will negotiate the best and most competitive market conditions on your behalf.


Clean fixture

Once the deal is done, a tailor-made chartering contract between both contractual parties will be issued and all parties will receive a carefully drafted document. If necessary, we can also assist you with any legal advice you may require.



Loading will commence. The vessel sets sail and will discharge its cargo at the place of destination. We closely monitor the entire process and make sure that everything runs smoothly.

We will assist you with the preparation of the necessary shipping documents, the planning of the entire voyage and make sure that everything goes perfectly according to plan. We will streamline the information flow between the captains, the shipowners, the agents, and stevedores in the ports of loading and unloading.



After the vessel has discharged, we proactively calculate whether the vessel did not take longer to load and unload than contractually agreed. In the event of disputes and claims, we provide you with legal advice and assistance.

Sales and purchase

The sale and purchase of vessels and barges are an essential part of the shipping industry. Much like a real estate agent, we act as a vital intermediary between parties who wish to purchase and sell vessels for their maritime trade.

Through our vast network of shipowners around the globe, Portum Chartering can find the right vessel for your needs or the right buyer for your vessel.

As broker, we have the technical knowledge of vessels, provide legal advice where needed and negotiate the price and terms on behalf of our principals.

Other logistical services

If, in addition to any of the above services, you may also be looking for other logistical assistance we will be happy to organise that for you in collaboration with other parties.

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